On the 13th July 2016 at The Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus, 500 excited primary school children joined us to watch their fantastic silent films!

Inspired by their curriculum topic, the children created a wealth of stories that explored chocolate, evolution, volcanoes, Victorian child rights, Ancient Egyptians, conservation, social media, war, old age, book adaptations and communication. Featuring fictional and famous characters such as Red Riding Hood, Alexander Graham Bell, King Tut, Queen Victoria, Willy Wonka and devolved Homo Sapiens, the films took us to Aztec villages, a fantastical London, a mysterious museum, a colourful milk farm and explosive scientific labs!

After the screening we held our annual awards ceremony, with the full list of winners below.

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The Annie Williams Teacher of the Year Award 2016

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Madeline Cooper from St Lukes Primary School wins The Annie Williams Award, an acknowledgement of a teachers outstanding contribution to the filmmaking process.  The award was presented to her by Film in Education’s very own Martin Riedl.


“Thank you for putting on another fab event; it was great! Thank you so much for the award too. It was such a lovely surprise”

Madeline Cooper, St Lukes

Festival guests

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We were very excited to be joined by three special guests from ZSL London Zoo, Rachel Haydon, Dan John and Charlotte Coales, who presented our filmmakers with some of the festival’s top awards.

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No movie screening would be complete with popcorn, so we’d like to thank the generous people at Propercorn who donated over 600 bags of Propercorn for the festival.  It was gobbled down in no time at all!



The 2016 Silent Film winners

Tijai Bacchus winning best male lead for his performance as Willy Wonka in "Choc Horror"

Tijai Bacchus winning best male lead for his performance as Willy Wonka in “Choc Horror”


Film of 2016  Victorian Visions, Edith Neville Primary School

Best Actor  Tijai Bacchaeus as Willy Wonka in “Choc Horror”

Best Actress   Verity Glen as Cleopatra in “King tut’s Heavy Heart”

Annie Williams Teacher Award  Madeline Cooper, St Lukes

Best Workshop Day   Choc Horror, St Pauls and All Hallows, St Martha class

Best Filming Day   That Rings a Bell, St Michaels

Best Costume   King Tut’s Heavy Heart, St Peter’s Eaton Square

Best Set and Props Fright at the Museum, St Ann’s

Comedic Moment  Feast Your Eyes, St Pauls and All Hallows, St Martin de Porres (toothbrush punishment)

Dramatic moment   Full Metal Racket, St Peters Chippenham Mews (the war sequence)

Film for a Change Victorian Visions, Edith Neville