Risley Avenue: Play it Again!

posted by Jade Beard April 2, 2018 at 10:36 am Silent Film Workshops No comments
Risley Avenue’s Year 4 have been learning all about ‘Sound’ in science. So, naturally, Film in Education embraced the irony and developed a silent film all around the theme of ‘sound’! It wasn’t easy, but thankfully Year 4 were imaginative and overcame the obstacle. As a class they decided that music was the way forward, and created a story about overcoming adversity, sabotage, and

This film was great for everybody involved because it did not depend upon the weather. However, sticking to the schedule for the day was key; school doesn’t stop, even for a filming day! The cast were brilliant, and their acting skills really shined. Now we just have to wait until July to find out why somebody can hate music….

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