Our workshops began after a Camden primary school thought it would be a challenge to make a short film. The Film in Education team were promptly drafted in to make this happen. With many of our film specialists coming from a teaching background, it was not long before a workshop lesson plan was devised and the first London Primary School Silent Film Festival was born!

We work closely with schools to create films that will inspire and engage children of all ages and give them the opportunity to learn about film making first hand, supported by industry professionals. The process is a fantastic evaluative opportunity, providing evidence of learning.

Since the workshops began we have held the annual London Primary School Silent Film Festival, with the venues needing to be bigger and bigger each year as more children become involved. Children work with a professional film crew to write and shoot their own short film based on curriculum subjects.  The films are a great educational resource, and can be used by teachers for years to come as a class introduction to the topic covered.

Alongside our original Silent Film Workshops, there are now various film workshops available, which cater for primary ages right up to university students.



Dinosaurs 01
Dinosaurs 02
Dinosaurs 03

World War II Evacuation

WW2 Evacuation 01

WW2 Evacuation 02