Filming at the IMAX Cinema

posted by Jade Beard February 16, 2016 at 11:27 am Uncategorized No comments

We were granted very special access to the BFI’s IMAX Cinema, getting exclusive footage in and around the cinema.  It’s all part of our film exploring early cinema and what the movies mean to us today.

One of the highlights was filming in the incredibly advanced projector room of the cinema, which houses all of the equipment to play and project the films.  Whilst a certain sci-fi epic was being shown in the screening room below, we were given a privileged look behind the scenes.  As film fans it was a real treat to be shown all of the equipment, and we’d like to thank the Odeon team for showing us around and letting us into their magical world.

robyn 2

We look forward to sharing our film with you very soon!