Our tailor made workshops see us working with adults, across all sectors, who want to equip themselves with essential film making skills and discover how film can be used within their workplace. Many have benefited from our workshops, including groups of adults at local authorities, corporate companies, local businesses through to youth teams. The film workshops can produce a 5-10 minute film, after a series of workshops and independant exploration. Some companies use this as a way to create a promotional film or to document a variety of projects.

Film to come soon!!!

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Workshop Contents

  • All staff will open their minds to the wide range of possibilities in filmmaking for their company
  • Making a film for the desired audience
  • Use planning to establish clear schedule/content for a film
  • Plan a structure of a film
  • Planning a shoot
  • Learn interview techniques and how these differ with young people
  • Learn interview set ups and camera framing
  • Project Management
  • Equipment
  • Communication Skills
  • Light and Sound techniques
  • Feedback on ideas and footage as the project develops
  • Group review of a first draft of the film
  • Evaluating the individuals own project in order to pick ‘the best bits’ and what gives something meaning.
  • Backing up media
  • How to do a Paper Edit
  • How music helps a film
  • How to use film as a tool for their projects in the future