The London Primary School Silent Film Festival proudly supports and promotes emerging young filmmakers.

Workshops Synopsis

The silent film workshops are an exciting and immersive experience. Designed as a way for pupils to enrich their curriculum learning and engage with their class topic, the workshops offer real insights into professional filmmaking practices. From story creation and storyboarding to prop making and silent film acting techniques, the Film in Education team encourage the pupils to take ownership of their film. The children are always exhilarated, energetic and highly creative throughout the entire process.

Working with a class of 30 creative young filmmakers, the stories need to be imaginative, clear and concise and filled with action, suspense, humour, intriguing characters, memorable moments and adventure!  It’s no mean feat to plot an entire story in less than six hours!

The Film in Education crew return a week later and begin filming as soon as the first bell for the day has rang.  The class are fully involved throughout the day as the actors, directors and assistant producers of the film.  The films are then edited and enhanced with graphics and music and are finally sent to the school to enjoy and utilise as a teaching tool in the future.

The process is a fantastic evaluation opportunity providing evidence of learning and is a great educational resource that can be used by teachers for years to come.  For the class taking part, it is fun, collaborative and creative.

Alongside our original Silent Film Workshops, we now offer film workshops to all age groups.

Festival Synopsis

The London Primary School Silent Film Festival is a thrilling afternoon of drama, adventure and exhilarating stories.  Hosted by the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus, there will be 600 children from 15 primary schools attending, all of whom have taken part in our film workshops.

Based on their chosen curriculum topic, the films will takes us on journeys to Ancient lands and times, where we will meet mythical heroes and dastardly villains and embark on dangerous quests. The event has grown every year, as more and more schools have become involved.  Since the first festival, which was held in a school hall in 2011, we have taken over ever larger venues to cater for the hundreds of young filmmakers who all want to celebrate their own and each other’s achievements. The festival is an exciting and innovative event for the children.  They have the opportunity to meet other young filmmakers from differing social backgrounds, swap filmmaking stories and vie for the festivals top awards, which include best acting, best costumes and best film.  Based on the eclectic range of films being presented, the event promises to be filled with uproarious laughter, shrieks of delight and gasps of surprise!

How the Workshops Work

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The London Primary School Silent Film Festival - Romans


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WW2 Evacuation 01
Puck: Hawley Infants School
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