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Jade Beard April 2, 2018 at 10:47 am Films, Silent Film Workshops, Uncategorized No comments

An uptight kingdom ruled by an uptight king… His mischievous young daughter rebels and releases shadow tricksters. Lots of practical jokes and laughter ensues! Holy Trinity’s silent film is all about finding a balance between hard work and discipline, and fun and having a sense of humour. Holy Trinity have a brand new play area, […]

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Edith Neville are located in the heart of Victorian history, situated only a street away from an old workhouse. Consequently, their lessons have revolved around the class- inequalities in Victorian society, specifically the treatment of children in the 19th century. Edith Neville’s 2016 silent film was set in a workhouse, so the real challenge for […]

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Risley Avenue’s Year 4 have been learning all about ‘Sound’ in science. So, naturally, Film in Education embraced the irony and developed a silent film all around the theme of ‘sound’! It wasn’t easy, but thankfully Year 4 were imaginative and overcame the obstacle. As a class they decided that music was the way forward, […]

Jade Beard February 8, 2016 at 4:01 pm London Primary School Silent Film Festival, Silent Film Workshops No comments

2015 was a huge success for the Primary School Silent Film Festival as we made 18 fantastic silent short films with over 550 primary school children across six of London’s boroughs. Our stories were diverse, as we ventured into space, Ancient Egypt and the world of early cinema.  We met characters from legend, literature and history and […]