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February 2018 saw Meg Rowlands join the team. Meg is currently in the final year of her History BA at University of Greenwich. She has been loving her position as Assistant Producer and learning all about the history of silent films along with the children. Before joining Film in Education, Meg volunteered at the Victoria […]

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What a year for silent films!  We’ve worked with 15 schools to create 20 silent films, journeying across time and space to meet a myriad of fictional and factual characters.  We’ve spent time in miserable Victoria England and learnt about child’s rights, ventured into a colourful jungle to meet the magnificent Bouny Touncy and Hairy […]

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Beginning in January and concluding in July, the 2016 silent film making year has been extraordinarily busy, rewarding and diverse.  The 500 primary school filmmakers we have worked with have created stories that explore chocolate, evolution, volcanoes, Victorian child rights, Ancient Egyptians, conservation, social media, war, old age, book adaptations and communication.  We’ve had fantastic sets, props […]

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We begin our Silent Films with a story of daring dairy deeds and the mystery of some missing milk.  Taking a scientific approach to the uses of milk in creating butter and cheese and all things delicious, the children created a story involving some good hearted thieves, some well meaning Detectives and a frantic farmer.  We made […]