Held at The Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus on the 17th July 2014, we had over 500 primary school children in attendance from 14 primary schools across London, showcasing 15 silent films as part of the Film in Education Silent Film programme.

The level of excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm was extraordinary, with every child eager to watch their work on the big screen and see who would be be victorious in our awards ceremony. A full list of winners can be found below.

We were honoured to have Kevin McNally as our guest speaker and awards presenter, who's career across stage, screen and radio is immense, and if of course most notable for his role as Joshamee Gibbs in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films.

Waiting for the festival to begin, the young filmmakers from 14 Primary Schools gather around the Statue of Eros, waiting to enter The Criterion Theatre.

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We had a full house at The Criterion Theatre!

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The Annie Williams Award


Kevin and Neil


Kevin McNally presents Neil McIntyre from Edith Neville Primary School with the Annie Williams Award, an acknowledgement of a teachers outstanding contribution to the silent film process.

“We had an absolutely fantastic time in the workshop and filming days – you were all so positive, patient and friendly towards the children – and of course we loved the film festival!  The children were delighted to win the awards, and on a personal note I felt very privileged and touched to win the Annie Williams Award”.

Neil McIntyre, Edith Neville Primary School

The Winners in Full!

Best Researched Film            The Tale of Isis and Osiris, St Peter’s C of E Primary School

Best Action sequence           Deforestation in the Amazon, Argyle Primary School

Best Adaptation                      Captured from the Kingdom, Carlton Primary School

Best Villain Story                    Dr Destruction and the Dino Squad, St Ann’s C of E Primary School

Best Chase Scene                     The Legend of the Spicy Temple, Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Best Use of Location              The World Cup of Coffee, Old Ford Primary School

Best Ensemble Acting            The Thieves and The Scream, St Paul’s and All Hallows’ C of E Junior School

Best Director                            Shelvon Robinson

Best Female Lead                     Poppy Kilbey as the Detective from For the Love of Jazz

Best Male Lead                         Caspar Hopkins as Romulus

Best Storyboard                        Zain Willkins, St Peters Eaton square

Best Workshop Day                 Adverts, St Peter’s Eaton Square C of E Primary School

Best Filming Day                       Edith Neville Primary School, The Return of King Arthur

Best Set and Props                    Alien Adaptations, St Michael’s C of E Primary School

Best Costumes                           A Midsummer Night’s Dream, St Aloysius’ Catholic Junior School

Best Comedic Moment              The Scream, St Paul’s and All Hallows’ C of E Junior School

Best Dramatic Moment             Romulus and Remus, St Paul’s C of E Primary School

Best Original Story                     For the Love of Jazz, Holy Trinity and St Silas C of E Primary School

Best Film for a Change               The Animals of the Rainforest, Torriano Junior School

The Annie Williams Award        Neil McIntyre, Edith Neville Primary School

Best Silent Film 2014                  The Return of King Arthur, Edith Neville Primary School

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