On the 17th July, 2014, at The Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus, 15 primary schools all came to see their silent film creations at the annual Film in Education Silent Film Festival.

Building on their classwork, this year's films saw Romulus and Remus, 20th century art, football, Medieval kings, exotic animals, extraterrestrials, political turmoil in the Amazon, marketing campaigns, epic battles, art theft, Shakespeare, Morpurgo, dinosaurs, and film noir. We met jazz musicians, Puck, King Arthur, and many, many more!

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2014 Silent Film Festival Award Winners

Best Silent Film

Best Workshop Day St Peter’s Eaton Square

Best Filming Day Edith Neville – The Return of King Arthur

Best Set and Props St Michael’s CofE – Alien Adaptations

Funniest Moment St Paul’s & All Hallows – The Thieves and The Scream

Best Dramatic Moment St Paul’s CE – Fight scene – Romulus and Remus

Best Original Story Holy Trinity & St Silas – For the Love of Jazz

Best Researched Film St Peter’s CM – The Tale of Isis and Osiris

Best Action Sequence Argyle Primary School – Plane crash – Deforestation in the Amazon

Best Adaptation Carlton Primary School – Captured from the Kingdom

Film for a Change Torriano Junior School – The Animals of the Rainforest

Best Villain Story St Ann’s CofE – Dr Destruction and the Dino Squad

Best Chase Scene Holy Trinity CofE – The Legend of the Spicy Temple

Best Ensemble Acting St Paul’s & All Hallows – The Thieves of The Scream

Best Use of Location Filming Old Ford – The World Cup of Coffee

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